Sunday, May 31, 2009

publication by Sylvia Legris

Here's Sylvia in good company; she's in issue #26 as well. Laynie Brown is one of my favorites.

with work from Mahmoud Darwish on Edward Said, Ben Lerner on Barbara Guest, Etel Adnan, SYLVIA LEGRIS, Phillip Foss, Clayton Eshleman, Ray Ragosta, Caroline Knox, Laynie Brown, Jennifer Pilch, Ales Steger, Brian Henry GC Waldrep, Brandon Shimoda, John Olson, Leonard Schwartz, Gassan Zaqtan, Fady Joudah, Rachel Loden, Sharon Dolin, Edward Smallfield, Joshua Kryah, Amy Pence, Linh Dinh, and many others.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Charles Bernstein's list of generative experiments is at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two new titles of interest

From Book Thug's monthly e-list:

Emerson, Lori [ed]. OPEN LETTER 13:8 (2009): bpNichol + 21. 2009. Contributions include: a seeing of your writing: An Introduction. LORI EMERSON; Openings: bpNichol's Ephemera by KIT DOBSON; Anxieties, Orthodoxies, and Histories in (the 1990's Critical Reception of) bpNichol's The Martyrology by CLINT BURNHAM; Hopelessly Devoted: The Sacred and the Sloppy in bpNichol Criticism by STEPHEN CAIN; The Unquiet Poem: bpNichol's Re-Sounding Cultural Geographies by LEIF EINARSON; Generations Generated by STEPHEN SCOBIE; Apocalypse Now: The Four Horsemen Burn Through Atlanta by JAMES SANDERS and MARK PREJSNAR; The Practice of Community: bpNichol and Steve McCaffery in Collaboration by STEPHEN VOYCE; bp Anecdotingly by PAUL DUTTON; Blurring the Borders/Bordering the Blurs: bpNichol and derek beaulieu by JONATHAN BALL; Conceptual Writing and bpNichol by DEREK BEAULIEU; Men Write What Men Mean: The "Pataphysics of bpNichol's Zygal by STEVEN ZULTANSKI; vol a vent by NATALIE ZINA WALSCHOTS; b & P in bpNichol Lane: A Look by MARIE BUCK; city bp, everywhere by BRAD FLIS; Modern Fiction and The Decay of History: bpNichol's The True Eventual Story of Billy the Kid by CARL PETERS.

FITZPATRICK-O'DINN, Dominique. Table of Forms. Urbana: Spineless Books, 2006. Bridging the sonnet and palindrome through a rich taxonomy of new literary forms, Table of Forms is a collection of experimental, ludic, constraint-driven poetry; a puzzle book; and a writing manual. Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn and her skilled team of collaborators have created the most comprehensive survey of noncanonical poetic techniques since the Oulipo Compendium. Offering myriad reading paths, this multisequential anthology includes a Table of Contents, Table of Forms, Glossary of Forms, and a matrix on the back cover.