Wednesday, September 10, 2008

passionate barf

"Passion in writing or art—or in a lover—can make you overlook a lot of flaws. Passion is underrated. I think we should all produce work with the urgency of outsider artists, panting and jerking off to our kinky private obsessions. Sophistication is conformist, deadening. Let's get rid of it."

—Dodie Bellamy, from Barf Manifesto

Bellamy's blog:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poetry by Ronald Johnson

A link to Johnson's The Book of the Green Man (link on Silliman's blog today). Painting by Basil King (in book).

Excerpt from Summer section:

What the Leaf Told Me

Today I saw the word written on the poplar leaves.

It was 'dazzle'. The dazzle of the poplars.

As a leaf startles out

from an undifferentiated mass of foliage,

so the word did form a leaf

A Mirage Of The Delicate Polyglot

inventing itself as cipher.