Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Writing sonnets, cont.

Another installment in (hopefully) a series featuring ways the sonnet can be written:

Here is a sonnet from British poet Geraldine Monk's Ghost and Other Sonnets (Salt Publishing, 2008). Nice sounds:

Chronic webbings. Intrigue.
Androgynous flush haunts
Reptilian spine vault gothic.
Vehement throb conflicts on
Polyphonic gutwire. Phantom strings
Berserk minor arpeggios. Buttress ups
Super star dome. Sanctuary out to lunch.
Alone and pale and sort of floaty
Fingers clutched the altar rails of dread
Draining the face with featureless
Caress a shaft of light carved through her
Strained glass prelude.

Fragmented fugues of spheres break
Wind on mobile ring tones. Discarnate.

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