Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crackers still Crisp

Yes, the crackers are back, revived and crisp and salty as ever.. Today we met at the Bessborough hotel lounge and had a nice little table beside a business man who bought our first round in exchange for watching his computer while he went for a smoke. It was minus 25 today so he wasn't gone long.

Speaking of exchange, some great show and tell, all with metaphysical/neo-surrealist themes..

From Hilary, two new books of poetry
Looms, by Camille Martin
Gravesend by Cole Swensen

From Fioncara (via Yvette Nolan) 
The Saint Plays, by Erik Ehn

From Lia
The Mystic in the Theatre --Elenora Duse, by Eva Le Gallienne

From Mari-Lou (via Matthew Hall)
tarpaulin sky by Juliana Spahr

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