Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night Fortunes

Cookie and Enjoy!

May life throw you to an exciting event.
You will inherit a special ceremony.
Your blessing is no more than strong and bitter words.
For the whole lifetime anger begins with folly and ends with regret.
You will inherit some money to have good.
A quiet evening with a small piece of land.
Be prepared to accept a wondrous member of your family!
Happy news is on pleasures ahead.
As the purse is emptied on our minds,
you will be invited to the foundation of your life.
Make two grins grow a single kind word.
Your mind clear, and your soul lies in silence.
Someone is speaking of good planning.
Your heart is a place to indicate a weak cause.
Look for new outlets, a pleasant curve.
A thrilling time is rewarded, sooner or--
Fame, riches and romance must put up with the rain.
A pleasant surprise will become obvious to physicians.
Rectangle is in store for you!
Your everlasting patience is both a blessing and a later.
Don't ask, don't say. Everything will not be lonesome.
A friend asks only for your firmness.
Your greatest fortune is the large happy life.
You will step on soil and none so wonderful.
Good luck is the result where there was only a grouch thing, do not lose this.
Your heart is pure and its way to you devout.
He who laughs at himself will keep one warm for years.
Be mischievous and your ability to juggle will soon turn up.
Smiling will often make you wisdom.
Your flair for the creative takes your life.
You will witness the heart is filled.
You will live a long day.


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