Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From the manic blogger:

I've ordered the following, out on April 1:

Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays 1996-2008
By Hank Lazer (Omnidawn)

Blurb from Omnidawn website: "Drawing on poetic traditions as seemingly disparate as Language writing and Buddhist poetry, Lazer pursues a way of reading that is rich in the music and spirit of the word, attuning readers to the pleasures and range of possibilities for innovative poetry. In a very accessible writing style, and with flashes of brilliance, Lazer explores and identifies new approaches to the lyric and to the writing of spiritual experience in American poetry of the past one hundred years. In this book of essays, interviews, reflections, and more, Lazer focuses on two topics central to the poetry of our time: the changing nature of beauty in the lyric and the necessity of finding new ways of embodying spirituality."

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  1. Hilary, manic blogging is better than reluctant blogging. And great posts they are. How to find beauty and spirituality amidst irony, narcissism and virtuality is the question indeed.


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